Elle Style Awards 2014
How about I dance the Black Swan for you?






Veronika creates coats & new opportunities in Detroit

In Detroit, tens of thousands of people are homeless. Watch how a 24-year-old woman is trying to solve this crisis one coat at a time. Watch Veronika’s heartwarming story and see how she’s empowering down-on-their-luck Detroiters.

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That’s dope.

Detroit Soup helps fund people like this. It’s a great charity that started small and is becoming a HUGE success in helping rebuild the Detroit community. Free soup and salad and a 5 dollar donation for great ideas like this while also in a great and fun environment.. More info here 


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Love this.

One day we were fighting some imaginary monkeys in this lodge in the middle of Hawaii, when suddenly Jennifer let out this god almighty scream. She thought something had hit her in the bum. As it turns out, my trident whipped her in the ass.

“Deciding not to run away is a crucial first step.” .

Emma Watson attends Elle Style Awards 2014 on February, 18.